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Our Beauty Products

Our recommended product selection will take your tanning or red-light therapy experience to the next level. Our luxury tanning lotion and after care products, will keep you looking and feeling your best. All of our products are available to purchase.

Aftercare is just as important as the treatment

Tanning lotion

Lula (Tingles) - $62.00
Tiki Tequila (Tingles) - $62.00
Island Black (Tingles) - $62.00

Double Dark (Tingles) - $62.00
Hula Hottie (Tingles) - $62.00
Fearlessly Bronze (Bronzer) - $36.00
Accelerator - $36.00
Pure Heat (Bronzer) - $36

Spray Tan Mist - $20.00

We can’t recommend our Bronzers and Accelerators enough. By using one of our lotions, you can start tanning in a matter of 2-3 minutes. Verse's not using a lotion, it can take your skin 7-10 minutes.  

Bermuda Tingle Lotions
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